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Pipe & Steel and Process Welding Based in Lucedale, Mississippi

Build your next structure with confidence when you choose pipe and steel products or process welding services from Qualified Fabrication, Inc., based in Lucedale, Mississippi.

From commercial buildings to oil pipelines, our fabrication services provide complete weld-out service and field construction for all your requirements. Get structural components or piping systems created by experienced technicians for the highest levels of strength and durability.

Welding, Pipe and Steel in Lucedale, MS

Process Welding Areas:

 • Flux-Cored Arc (FCAW)
 • Gas Metal Arc (GMAW)
 • Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)

 • Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)

Certified Inspections & Testing
When you need certainty that your structure is properly constructed, turn to our inspection and testing services. We perform field and shop inspection in multiple areas, including certified welding inspection in accordance with the American Welders Society.

Get in-depth evaluation of your materials and systems with our non-destructive testing services as well.

Non-Destructive Testing:

 • Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)
 • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
 • Radio Graphic Testing (RT)

 • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Contact us in Lucedale, Mississippi for superior pipe and steel or process welding services.